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Easy & secure way to capture visitor information

The NZ Government is requiring businesses to capture and store contact records of all people entering or visiting their stores and sites. Traceable makes that process easy, fast and secure.

The Traceable app allows your staff to either type in the required information or if the visitor is comfortable, they can quickly scan ID cards and then type in the required phone number and email address data. (Note: No image files of the ID are retained and only used to capture First & Last name to save time when checking people in)

The app then stores all relevant contact data securely in the cloud. Once the data is saved it is encrypted in the cloud, it is then obfuscated from this point onwards so no users  can see anyones full information again. For example, the obfuscated data means the visitor log will only display as like "John S**** 021*****62 Joh********.com"

In the event of a "exposure event of interest" at a particular location, the data will be securely accessed by the Contact Tracing teams.

‍All data is permanently removed from the Traceable system after 60 days

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Our design principles

No GPS or BlueTooth Sniffing

We understand that people are concerned about data privacy. The Traceable software never uses a devices GPS location data, or bluetooth functions. We only capture the data required by the government as well as anonymous app usage analytics to help us support and enhance the application's features.

Data is secure and only used for COVID-19

Our clients all agree to our Terms of Use and our privacy which states that any visitor or customer data is only to be viewed or exported when requested by authorities to assist with contact tracing efforts.

All data is encrypted and removed from the traceable system after 60 days.
Easy user experience
Easy and fast for staff to download and start using today.
iOS & Android
Available now in the Google Play Store. Apple Store is coming soon.
Secure data storage
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest on the server.
Scalable for the enterprise
Traceable is all set up for businesses with multiple business units and hundreds of physical locations.
Trusted developers
Traceable is developed by Webtools Health. Webtools is a technology group that works across NZ and Aus with a number of robust systems used across the Health and Energy markets.
Friendly Support
The Webtools team are here to help our clients and authorities in the fight with COVID-19.

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